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I'm so sorry I haven't logged into this account for so long! D:
I logged in today to realise I haven't used this account since October last year!
..the shame~
I'm going to make a conscious effort to take more stock photos for you all!
I have a few things in mind, so keep your eyes peeled. And thank you for being so patient with me...

Rules and Regulations for use of my stock

:star: I grant permission for anyone to submit their works/art using my stock to groups (just so that's clear too!)
I grant permission for anyone using my stock to submit them as prints!
If you use my stock please tell me, I would love to see it, comment and fave it!
If you've done an especially nice manip of my stock, I'll feature it in a journal on my main account; OuijaBoardum!

You can do whatever you want with my stock (no pr0nz plz!), and if you want to use them outside of deviantART you can - but a credit would be nice!
If you wish to use my stock as a drawing/tattoo/whatever reference, that is also fine. I do not mind use out of dA for that either, but credit me as your inspiration! ;D

All photos taken are 2000x3000 pixels +
I'll be taking new photos as soon as I can :3
If you see a photo in my main account you'd like me to make a stock photo, just tell me and I'll try and find the original n.n
HeroOrMonster Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2009
Thanks for the update. Most of the stock artists on da forget to give their rules for traditional artists. :D
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October 5, 2010